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Roms and Emu on GBA Flash Cards & Nintendo DS. What we tested. ... saves DS battery power. EZ-Flash 2 EZ-Cart, Works nicely and the cartridge fits perfectly.

SNES emulation on DS - need hardware advice - reddit SNES emulation on DS - need hardware advice ... As stated above, if you get a Slot-2 (GBA) cart, you can boot directly into games. ... Also, if you end up getting a Slot-2 card with no SCDS2, I recommend an Acekard 2i. It'll make it easier in the long run if you want to run other homebrew. As always, DO NOT BUY AN R4. The original team who made ... How do I play GBA games on my Acekard 2i??? HELP PLEASE ... It looks like a normal (.sav) file on my acekard and when I press on it to play it it is like pressing on a (.sav) file.I also have the latest firmware on my acekard 2i. Is there a way to play GBA games on the Acekard 2i and if so please leave a comment on how. Acekard 2i for 3DS V4.3 / DSi V1.44、Acekard 2i,NINTENDO ... The latest Note:The Acekard 2i card can su pport 3DS V4.3.0-10 and NDSi V1.44 now. Of course, It can also be back compatible with 3DS V4.2.0-9,V4.1.0-8,V4.0.0-7 and V3.0.0-6 and DSi V1.4.3. Acekard 2i is the latest flashcard made specifically for DSi, fully backwards compatible and works on DS Lite and DS. Now it also supports 3DS.

Acekard 2i 【正規品】(DSi 1.4.4J/3DS対応) MicroSD 8GBセット [AK2+8G] - 【Acekard 2i ニュース】 *AK2I専用パッチ発布、3DS4.3.0-10対応 (2012.9.4) *Acekard 2i専用パッチ「」発布 *Acekard 2i最新カーネル「AKAIO1.9.0」 リリース(2012-09-24) 【商品内容】Acekard 2i ...

AceKard 2i DSi Flash Card The Acekard 2 can be used as a passkey, so you can boot your slot2 flash carts with it. AK2 also support 3in1 expansion cart.

* Inégration de la Slot-2 EZ3in1 (avec patch GBA), eWin 2in1, et d’autre FlashAdvance Pro plus vielles * Support d’icône en tant que fichiers externe * Configuration du soft-reset/download play/cheats par jeu * Copier, couper, effacer les fichiers de sauvegarde SAV et NDS * Sauvegarde des fichiers SAV du menu Acekard directeement (.SAV ...

Even if I updated my DS Acekard v1.0J 3 3DS on v1.1J and works well. DS Flash Cards : R4 SDHC R4DS R4i DSi DStwo Download Nintendo DS Lite NDS roms and GBA ROMs Gameboy Advance Emulator. Play backups with SuperCard G6 Flash M3 Adapter DS-Xtreme NeoFlash MK4 Neo2 NinjaPass EWin2 EZFlash

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May 06, 2013 · Can I run GBA ROMs with an Acekard 2i? Best Answer: Because DSi console does not have the slot 2, so you can not use the acekard 2i with ez flash 3 in 1 to play the GBA roms, the only ... Acekard 2i can not play GBA roms. Supercard dstwo, with built-in GBA emulator, can allow you to play GBA … Can the Acekard 2i Play GBA games? - May 03, 2011 · You can play GBA games from the Acekard 2i, but it requires a slot 2 device. The acekard is designed to work with the EZ 3in1 expansion card.